Release 1.8 March 31, 2016 8am to 9am CST

Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

    • GrantHub has integrated our Answer Library with GuideStar. Now our Answer Library will pull commonly used information from your GuideStar profile as separate answers. These are imported as text and file formats. To enable GrantHub to pull information from your GuideStar profile, go to your My Organization area and insert your EIN on the basic information tab. Then go to your Answer Library and click the GuideStar Refresh button to populate your answers. Users are unable to edit the GuideStar entries in the Answer Library. If they are out of date, we encourage you to update your profile on GuideStar’s website and refresh.

    • We fixed a few issues:

    1. When a user leaves the ‘Custom reminder lead days’ on an Opportunity blank, a system note was created. This no longer occurs.

    2. We have updated the Funder details page when you choose the “Other” selection in the Funder Type drop down the EIN field remains available.

    3. We’ve deployed a fix to reduce some instances of duplicate email reminders.

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