Handouts for 3 Strategies to Improve your Grant Readiness Webinar

Link to worksheet: WebinarHandouts_Nov2016.pdf

Link to supporting funder sample handouts: 1. Model Document_Grant App_Central Bank_2016.pdf  1-b Model Document_FunderGuidelines_2016.pdf

Link to spreadsheet of common funder fields: Funder Details Spreadsheet.xlsx

Link to spreadsheet sample of common grant history fields: Grant Details Spreadsheet.xlsx

Link to PowerPoint Slides: CCI_Webinar_Nov 2016 3 strategies - FinalPDF.pdf

In this session you will learn three key methods or strategies to help improve your grant readiness:

  1. Improve grant funding success by complying with the funder's requirements and guidelines.
  2. Develop a grant ready toolkit to streamline the process.
  3. Use grant management best practices to meet deadlines and influence funders.

During this brief session you will learn how to build and use a Proposal Compliance Matrix (PCM) to increase chances of funding success. You will identify what documents you already have and what you might need to add to your grant ready toolkit. Once your toolkit is ready to go, you can quickly assemble top-notch funding requests and grant proposals. You will learn proven methods to ensure you keep everything running smoothly by using effective grant management in your organization.

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