Handouts for 5 Grant Management Techniques Webinar with MNA

Link to GMAP worksheet: GMAP-Assessment Survey.pdf

Link to spreadsheet of common funder fields: Funder Details Spreadsheet.xlsx

Link to spreadsheet sample of common grant history fields: Grant Details Spreadsheet.xlsx

Link to PowerPoint Slides: MNA Presentation - 5 Keys to Grant Mgmt pdf.pdf

If you’ve ever wished you had just a little more time – to focus on your mission, raise extra funds, add new programs, or simply lead a more balanced life – this webinar is for you.

This webinar covers 5 ways you can increase the efficiency of your grant tracking process. We will cover tips on what you should be tracking on funders, past grants, upcoming deadlines, and becoming 'grant-ready'. Also hear how Becky Franks of Cancer Support Community Montana has used grant management best practices to increase her efficiency, eliminate mistakes and missed deadlines, and build better relationships with funders.

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