Merging a Duplicate Funder

Moving Opportunities and Tasks to a different Funder

  1. Look at the 2 funders that are duplicated and decide which one you want to keep
  2. Add the word 'KEEPER' to the end of the one you wish to keep (Example: Evans Family Foundation - KEEPER)
  3. Add the word 'REMOVE' to the end of the other funder(s) you would like to merge into the keeper (Example: EVANS Foundation - REMOVE)
  4. Open up the Funder with 'REMOVE' in their name and move the Opportunities
    1. Go to the Opportunity tab under this funder, and set the filter to show 'View All'
    2. Open up each Opportunity and change the Funder it is attached to by using the 'Funder' drop down (change it to the Funder with 'KEEPER' at the end of the name)
    3. Save the Opportunity
    4. Repeat for all the Opportunities under the funder that you are looking to remove/consolidate.
  5. Once you are done with moving the Opportunities, move over any remaining tasks (make sure to do this AFTER you move opportunities)
    1. go to the 'Tasks' tab under the funder you wish to remove.
    2. You can change the funder these tasks are associated with by using the funder drop down just like you did above with Opportunities.
  6. If there are any documents attached to the funder you are looking to remove, you will want to download them and re-upload them to the 'KEEPER' funder
  7. If there is information in the 'Notes' tab, or in any of the fields on the Funder Detail page, you will need to move that information over manually.
  8. Confirm that all the Opportunities, Tasks, and other information has been moved over to the 'KEEPER' Funder.
  9. Once there is no more information you need from the funder you want to remove, you can delete it by finding the 'REMOVE' funder's name in the Funder List and clicking on the red garbage can on the right end of their row. You will need to type 'DELETE' to confirm the deletion.
  10. Now you can go to funder that you moved everything to and remove the word 'KEEPER' from the end of their name

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