How to track in-kind donations in GrantHub

  1. Create an Opportunity and include the term ‘In-Kind Donation’ at the end of the Opportunity Name.
  2. Select Funding Type = Other (or select another option if it is more appropriate for the purpose of the donation).
  3. Create a new Opportunity Category called ‘In-Kind’ and make sure it is selected in the category field.
  4. Tracking the value of in-kind donations:
    1. Put the value of the in-kind donation in amount awarded field if you would like them added to cash awards in your reports / dashboards.
    2. Put the value of the donations in Amount requested field and put 0 in Amount Awarded if you would like to filter them out and total them separately (by exporting report to excel).

To pull a report of your In-Kind Donations:

  1. Go to ‘Reports’.
  2. Select the Opportunities by Status report.
  3. Set the date range you would like to report on.
  4. Filter on ‘Opportunity Category’ = “In-Kind”.
  5. Scroll down to grid portion of the report.
  6. Export to Excel to total the amount of In-Kind donations.

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