Is there a way to see a report of opportunities in different date ranges for forecasting upcoming fiscal year?

Depending on what you are looking to filter on, you can get a custom list your grant opportunities in a few places. Here is a list of the options and some tips for each:

  1. You can filter opportunities by Status using the 'Opportunities' list.
    • Click on Opportunities on the top menu
    • Use the filter box on the upper left to select the status you want to see 
    • You can choose from 'All', 'Open' (which includes Research, Planned, In Progress & LOI-Draft), Submitted, Decided, Awarded
      • Note: Decided will contain all decision status (Denied,Withdrawn,Abandoned, Awarded, Awarded-Closed)
      • Note: Awarded will contain 'Awarded' and 'Awarded-Closed'.  
    • Export to Excel to see all fields, or PDF to see the fields that are displayed on your screen
    • Once in Excel, you can tune the list to only include the rows/columns you wish to see.
    • In Excel, you can also total the Amount columns.
  2. Click on Reports on the top menu if you want more control over date ranges and other filters
    • Select the report 'Opportunities by Status' in the list
    • Select the date range you are interested in
    • Run the report
    • Scroll down to see the list of Opportunities that fall in this date range.
    • If you only want to see only 1 particular Status, use the search box in the upper right of the list of opportunities to filter the list. 
    • Export the list to Excel if you want to tune it further, or total the amount columns
  3. You can set up a specific Opportunity Category for each Fiscal Year, such as FY18 and FY19, etc. 
    • For each opportunity that is awarded, choose the appropriate FY entry from the Opportunity Category drop down. 
    • To create a new category tag, type it in and after you hit save it will be available from the pick list
    • Go to 'Reports' and select 'Opportunities by Status' in the list of available reports.
    • Select the appropriate Opportunity Category (ie 'FY19') from the list to filter the report
    • Make sure your date range is expanded so that it doesn't exclude any opportunities you want to see.

If you have a report that you are trying to create, or would like to see added to GrantHub, please contact our support team via the chat box or via email and let us know. 

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