Using Filters and Logic in my GrantHub Reports

The canned reports and easy to use filters allow you to configure a wide variety of reports in GrantHub. But sometimes you may want to filter out opportunities that meet multiple criteria with 'AND' logic rather than the default 'OR' logic that is used with our built in filters. This is most often used to list of opportunities that have multiple combinations of Opportunity Category entries. In order to do this, you will need to use the 'Search' box that is found beneath the graph on the upper right of the list of opportunities:

Using AND logic in GrantHub reports:

  1. The filters at the top of the report pages uses the 'OR' logic to generate the report
  2. If you want to force GrantHub to only return Opportunities that include all the categories you list (AND instead of OR), then you must use the Search Box to type in your categories instead of the filter box above the graph.
    1. Run an ‘Opportunities by Status’ report.
    2. put what you want to search for into the Search field: "Inland Empire" "CB"
    3. GrantHub will return opportunities that have BOTH (AND) of these in the category field. (not OR)
    4. If you want to filter out Opportunities based on more categories – using an AND logic, just keep typing them in the search box.
  3. You can use this in conjunction with the category filters too. For instance, you could filter on ‘Inland Empire’ in the Opportunity Category Filters above the graph, then just use the Search box to put what other items you wish to AND together with them.
  4. Here are some limitations that you should be aware of:
    1. The graph above is not updated with the results from the search
    2. If you use a word (like Evaluation) that is also used in another field in the opportunity (like in the description, or opportunity name), it could be returned even though it doesn’t have ‘Evaluation’ selected as an opportunity category. So you will have to double check your results. But it could get you a lot closer, and you’d just have to delete the few that slipped through.
    3. Some abbreviations might work (like CB), but some might not because the letters might be included in some other field or category name.

We are interested to hear any feedback and suggestions on our reports. We are gathering input for advanced reporting functions to build into GrantHub in future releases. Feel free to send in your suggestions to 

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