What can I use to show ROI for purchasing GrantHub?

The main areas that have used to justify the ROI on purchasing GrantHub are:

  • Time savings, and the benefit from spending that time on more fruitful fundraising activities.
  • Protecting your institution’s fundraising knowledge. If your grants manager or other key personnel who have been deeply involved in your funding relationships were to leave or retire, would your funding knowledge retire with them?
  • Templates, boilerplates, and other time saving ways to cut down on the time it takes to build new proposals.
  • Not missing deadlines / reporting due dates – through use of email reminders and dashboards that help you see what your entire team is working on and what is coming due. GrantHub allows for better work/time management.
  • Time saved creating your monthly reports to management and the board on the status and progress towards your grant fundraising goals. 
  • In addition to time saved in creating reports, you can also implement metrics that might not otherwise have been feasible - such as # of contacts with new funders, # of stewardship communications with funders who awarded you grants, improvement to your grant win percentage due to better screening and matching processes which lead to a higher ROI on grantwriters time. 
  • Find new funder and grant opportunities: Your GrantHub subscription includes a membership to GrantStation.com ($699 value). This site has a wealth of information on funders who are accepting applications for grants.

More specific statements of time savings, etc. are available in our case studies found here: https://grantseekers.foundant.com/resources/

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