Can I use GrantHub in another country?

We currently do not have specific localized versions of GrantHub. That said, we have designed GrantHub to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of environments. Here are the elements that should be considered for customers residing outside the United States:

  • GrantHub is currently designed for US currencies and formats. We do not track, manage or display multiple currencies. As long as an organization enters all grant revenues in a consistent currency, GrantHub will work fine.
  • GrantHub’s address fields are Address1, Address2, City, State and Postal code – all fields are open fields and are NOT limited to any preset values (such as US states). GrantHub customers outside the US should make sure these fields will meet their needs.
  • GrantHub has several integrations with our partners in the US, such as GuideStar, Foundation Center, and GreatNonprofits. These integrations key off a nonprofit’s Tax ID. These integrations are not critical to the key functionality of GrantHub.
  • GrantHub license includes a subscription to GrantStation. GrantStation does provide information on international funders, including Canadian funders.
  • Dates are tracked in GrantHub in the format Month/Day/Year. We do not currently support any other variations of date formatting.
  • All field names, help and support information is provided in English. 

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