What makes you different than other grant management solutions?

GrantHub is part of Foundant Technologies (www.foundant.com). Foundant has been building grant management solutions for grantmakers since 2007 and is dedicated to making both sides of the granting process better. In serving the needs of grantmakers and their applicants, Foundant has been able to put years of feedback into the design of GrantHub. In summary - what makes GrantHub stand out from other solutions is:

  • Customer Support, Service, Training, etc. Our company (Foundant Technologies) was built on this being the highest priority, so we will always focus and invest in this area.
  • Easy to Use – We keep our UI clean and intuitive. We aim to have a full featured, powerful solution – while making sure features do not make the solution more difficult to learn/use.
  • Cost – Our price is set with everything you need included – both now and throughout the subscription period.

Specific features that set us apart from other solutions:

  • User / deadline management – being able to reassign tasks if someone leaves, etc.
  • Partner integrations (GuideStar, Foundation Center, etc.), that help you easily access contact information as well as information on funder’s 990’s
  • Answer Library – ability to have central store for all your docs and templates

Situations where we are NOT a fit:

  • Tracking post-award detailed expenses and current grant account balances. We have the ability to track reporting requirements, documents and deadlines - but if you need a fuller featured grant management system that is tuned for tracking the financials behind large federal government grants, we are not the best solution for you.
  • If you are looking to track a large number (> 100 and growing) of individual donors, you should first look to a donor management system. GrantHub is a great partner to these solutions and can export data to another solution if needed.

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