Do you have an integration with any financial or donor management systems?

At this time we do not have any specific APIs or integrations with other fundraising or accounting systems. 

However, there is a link in each Funder record where you can associate, or link them to another online system. You can use this link to associate the Funder in GrantHub with details in a web-based Donor Management System (DMS), financial system or Constituent/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. 

To use the custom link field, simply enter the link into the field and click 'Save'. Users can then click the icon to the right of the link to open it up in another browser tab.

You can also easily export your Funders, Opportunities, or Awarded Opportunities/grants from GrantHub by using our export to CSV or Excel. And then you can easily upload into your DMS / CRM. Most systems support imports from CSV/Excel files.

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