I'm new to my Organization and GrantHub, what is the best way to get acquainted with my Organization's information?

Welcome to GrantHub and congratulations on your new position! We know there are a lot of things to learn when starting a new position. GrantHub wants to make things as easy on you as possible.

Gaining Access:

  • To gain access to GrantHub, you will need to be added as a user by the administrator (the person who created the account). If the person who you have replaced was the administrator and they did not leave their login credentials, please contact our Support Team.
  • If you have been added as a user, you will receive an email to activate your login. You are unable to move forward if you don't use this secure link in the email. This link in this email is only valid for 48 hours. If your email is older than 48 hours or you didn't receive an email, please contact our Support Team. *Also check your junk or spam folder for the email!
  • Once you have been able to succesfully log in, you can see here what you are able to do as a Writer User Role or a Viewer User Role: User Permissions

Learning the Basics:

  • When starting with GrantHub, please watch our tutorial videos here.
  • When reviewing your Organization's specific data, take special note of upcoming Deadlines and the Notes tab on Funders and Opportunities.
    • Deadlines will show you when tasks are due for Opportunities or a Proposal Deadline. You will get a view of what your next month of work will look like.
    • The Notes tab on the Funder and Opportunity records will be the place to document special circumstances. Please review this area along with descriptions on each record for information.

Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team with any questions or to schedule a quick review session once you have watched all the tutorial videos.

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