New User did not receive activation email

Trouble shooting the adding of new users

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. If the new users does not see their welcome email containing the activation link withing 5 minutes of you adding them, have the user check their 'junk' email folder to see if the email ended up there. 
  2. In order to receive emails from GrantHub, you may need to set up your email to accept emails from the domain. Or you may need to 'white list' the email address ''. Please contact our support via chat, or at if you need assistance with this. You may need to contact your IT staff for help if you are unable to change these settings yourself.
  3. If the user has waited longer than 48 hours to activate their account, you will need to resend the new account notification email. To do this, the admin will need to resend the activation email. To do this:
    1. Go to your list of users (Select 'My Organization' Under the blue welcome box in the upper right and select the 'Users' tab. 
    2. Change the Status Filter to 'View Inactive'. 
    3. Find the user listed and then click on the blue checkbox icon in the 'Actions' column on the far right to resent the email.
    4. The activation link in the email will be valid for another 48 hours.

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