How to copy a grant program to an opportunity in GrantHub

GrantHub has the capability to quickly copy grant details from funders directly into a GrantHub Opportunity record. This functionality is only available if the funder you are applying to is using Foundant Technologies Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) software for their online applications. 

To copy grant details into your GrantHub account, you will need your Site Key. Click here to learn more about setting up your Site Key.

When you are applying to a funder and you see a 'Send to GrantHub' button available, this indicates that you can quickly copy details about that grant into an opportunity record in your GrantHub account.

When you click the 'Send to GrantHub' button, you will be prompted to enter your Site Key. 

Once you have entered your Site Key, click the Send button. This will cause a new opportunity to be created in your GrantHub account. When this Opportunity is created, an email notification will be sent to the Opportunity Owner.

The following fields will be imported into your new Opportunity. You will be able to edit and make changes to all Opportunity fields after it is created.

  • Opportunity Name - This will be the name of the grant program of the funder.
  • Funder - The Funder will be selected from your list of Funders in GrantHub by using the Funder's Tax ID. If there is no Funder Tax ID that matches, it will look for an exact match with the Funder Name. If a match can't be found, a new Funder will be added to your GrantHub account.
  • Description - This will be the description given by the Funder for that grant.
  • Owner - If you are a Writer or Administrator in GrantHub, you will be assigned as the owner, otherwise the Opportunity will be assigned to the Administrator.
  • Proposal Deadline - This will be the submission deadline set by the Funder in their grant details. If the Funder has not entered a deadline, the deadline will be set to Today's Date.
  • Status - This will be set to Planned.
  • Application Type - This will be set to Online.

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