How do I track event sponsorships?

Tracking Sponsorships for events and other activities can easily be done in GrantHub. 

First you would enter the organization who you are approaching for a sponsorship as a Funder in GrantHub (Click on Funders, then select the 'Add Funder' Button). Most often the Funder Type field on the Funder record is a 'Corporation'.

Next you need to create a new Opportunity for that Funder to track this specific sponsorship request. To do this, click on the 'Opportunities' tab under the Funder you just added (or you can click on Opportunities at the top of your screen as well). And then click the button to 'Add Opportunity'.

On the Opportunity record, fill in all the information you need to track this sponsorship request. It is a best practice to use an Opportunity Name that includes the date or event, so you can easily tell the difference between other sponsorships that have been tracked in the past, or coming up in the future. The Deadline should be when you want to make sure you send the request to them. If you've already received the sponsorship commitment, mark the Opportunity Status as 'Awarded' and put in the amount and date when the decision was made. 

You can also use the the Opportunity's Funding Type and 'Category' fields to track and report on your sponsorships. Select 'Sponsorship' from the Funding Type drop down, and enter in the name of the event or activity you are requesting the sponsorship for in the Category field ( i.e. ‘Bowling March 2017’). 

You now have the option of creating a report chart and list of all the opportunities that are associated with 'Sponsorships' (just use the Opportunity by Status Type report and set the 'Funding Type' = Sponsorships). Or - you could create a report on a specific event by selecting the report's Category filter and setting it to the specific event (Bowling March 2017 in the previous example).

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