What do the various Status settings mean?

GrantHub allows you to track your grants through the various stages - keeping track of what their current status in the Opportunity Status field. Here are the options for Status settings, and what they mean:

  • Research - You are still researching to find out if this Funder and their programs are a match with your mission
  • Planned - You know you are going to apply, but haven't started working on it yet.
  • In-Progress - You are actively working on this proposal.
  • LOI-Draft- You are actively working on the LOI.
  • LOI-Submitted- You have submitted the LOI.
  • Application Draft- You are actively working on the grant application.
  • Application Submitted - You have submitted your application and are waiting for a decision.
  • Awarded - Your application has been awarded and may still have open tasks.
  • Awarded-Closed - Your application has been awarded and there is no further activity for this opportunity.
  • Denied - Your application has been denied
  • Withdrawn - You chose to withdraw at sometime during the process and would like to save your work for future reference
  • Abandoned- You decided that granting opportunity was not a great fit and you stop working on this application.

There may be situations where you move items back in this process. For instance, if you submit an application to the Funder - but they ask you to clarify some items, you may move it from Application Submitted, back to In-Progress, and then back to Application Submitted once you are finished.

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