What fields can be uploaded into GrantHub?

If you would like assistance bulk loading funders and grant details into GrantHub, you can download the templates at the bottom of this article. Once you complete them, send the filled out templates to support@foundant.com and they can assist you in uploading your information to your GrantHub environment.

We also recommend that you enter a few Funder and Grant Opportunities yourself so you get a feel for how quickly you can edit, update or enter new information into GrantHub. 

Below is a list of fields that GrantHub collects. The required fields are marked in Bold RED.

Funder Information:

  • Funder Name (you can do a lookup of the name and GrantHub can copy any available contact information from GuideStar’s database for the remaining fields)
  • Description
  • Areas of Interest
  • Funder Categories (customize the way you tag or group your funders)
  • Type (Corporation, Foundation, Government, Other)
  • Tax ID (GrantHub can help look up this for you using Funder Name)
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website
  • Custom Link
  • Min Funding Amount
  • Max Funding Amount
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Contact info (name, title, email, phone, fax, contact address, etc.) – could have multiple contacts
  • Address fields – could have multiple addresses

Grant/Funding Opportunity Fields:

  • Opportunity Name (typically a combo of funder name + program + year)
  • Description
  • Funder
  • Funder Contact
  • Owner (this would be who at your organization is responsible for this application)
  • Proposal Deadline
  • Funder’s Notification Date
  • Amount Requested
  • Amount Expected
  • Funding Type (Pick one: General Operating Support, Program Funds, Capital Campaign Support, Other)
  • Category (you can build your own list of program/project names unique to your organization)
  • Status (Pick one: Research, Planned, In-Progress, LOI-Draft, LOI-Submitted, Application-Draft, Application-Submitted Awarded, Awarded-Closed, Denied, Withdrawn, Abandoned)
  • Application Type (online, Email, Mail, Other)
  • Application Submission Details
  • Amount Awarded (if Applicable)
  • Decision Date (if Applicable)
  • Award Term Start Date
  • Award Term End Date
  • Award ID
  • Award Details

All of the date fields would be date format, all of the Amount fields would be numerical value. All other fields would be text fields.

GrantHub also helps track LOI deadlines, Reporting Due Dates and other tasks/deadlines through use of Tasks. You typically set up tasks under the Opportunity they are related to, but you can also set up general Funder tasks.

If you have any questions please contact support at 1(800)-347-4481

Migration Guidelines.docx

Migration Contacts Import Template.xlsx

Migration Template Funders.xlsx

Migration Opportunity Import Template.xlsx

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