Would you recommend we enter our historical grant information into GrantHub?

Entering your grant history into GrantHub is recommended, but not required. Having a more complete picture of who has given you funding, how much, and when they awarded it in the past is very helpful. It can help you prioritize your time and efforts going forward.

Many customers start by setting up all the grants occurring in their current grant year, and then copy those opportunities into the future to help build their plan for the next year. They can also use the copy feature to easily ‘copy’ information into the past as well.

Some organizations are working towards ‘going’ digital, and having all their grant documents accessible and backed up on the web. In this effort, you may choose to enter not only the amount and dates, but attach a copy of the submitted proposal and award notifications. This can help you easily find past information without wondering who has it in their file cabinet, and is also useful in the event you are audited.

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