What are Funder Categories?

To add a new category to the 'Funder Categories' field:

  1. Open up a Funder
  2. Type the new category it into the Funder Category field 
  3. Hit Return after each category
  4. Hit the Funder Save button

Once you save a Funder that uses a new Funder Category, it will show up as an option in the drop down to select in the future. You use the 'Funder Categories' field to create groups of funders, and then filter and segment opportunities based on them in your reports in the Reporting Area.

Some examples of how you might use this field are:

  • You may want to categorize your funders as 'New Funders' vs 'Repeat Funders'. 
  • You may want to assign a rating to your funders, such as 'Top', 'Average' and 'Opportunistic' - so you know which funders are the closest fit with your mission. Or Best Fit, Good Fit and Opportunistic. 
  • You might want to group your funders with identifiers that are not available on the Funder Type drop down field. For instance - you may want to breakout your government funders into 'State', 'Federal' or 'Local' categories using this field.
  • You may want to track funders that give using categories such as: Annual Funder, Sometimes Funder, Reactivated Funder, New Funder. This will allow you to set more specific goals, and measure win percentages for each type. 

When you are creating a report, you can easily filter your opportunities based on this entry in the Funder Categories field. 

Here are instructions on how to edit existing funder categories.

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