What is the difference between an opportunity and a task?

GrantHub is divided into 3 different organizational levels to help track the activities needed for your grant writing success.

A funder is an entity that grants money. Foundation X may have multiple opportunities (grants) for your organization to apply to. Each grant is an opportunity for you to receive funding. Within each one of these opportunities, you have a series of tasks that help you submit the grant and follow-up after receiving awards. Some examples of tasks are: Submit LOI, Preparation of Application, Submit Application, Preparation of Follow Up, Submit Follow Up, Send Thank You Card, etc.

Here is a nested visual for organization:

Foundation X = Funder

Opportunity ABC 2015 = Grant Name + Year

Task 1 = Submit LOI

Task 2 = Prepare Application

Task 3 = Submit Application

Opportunity XYZ 2015 = Grant Name + Year

Task 1 = Prepare Application

Task 2 = Submit Application

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