What are the various ways Tasks can be used in GrantHub?

Some people don’t use tasks at all. Others plan to use a lot of them because it will help them coordinate with other co-workers. So you may review this list and only pick out a few scenarios that work for your Organization.

Here is the list of potential tasks that you could set up under an opportunity:

  • Verify dates / requirements
  • Contact Funder with Questions, ask for assessment score sheet
  • LOI
  • First Draft of proposal
  • Collaborate with program directors, finance, etc.
    • on things like Program Description / Needs statement / Project budget, etc.
  • Review cycle(s)
  • Proposal approval by Executive Director / Board
  • Submit Final proposal
  • Check in on application status with Funder
  • Site Visit

If Awarded:

  • Sign/Return/Upload Grant Acceptance Letter
  • Send Thank You
  • Post Funding awards to social media
  • Mid-Term follow up reports
  • Final follow up report
  • Send Thank You for Consideration
  • Get Funder input on reapplication next cycle

If Denied:

  • Send Thank You for Consideration
  • Get Funder input on reapplication next cycle

And remember to make sure you upload any associated documents, or copy of emails, etc. to GrantHub. Even if you attach them to the task, they will still show up in the documents section of the opportunity.

You can set up other tasks in GrantHub (not related to a specific opportunity):

Funder Tasks (Found in the Funder record)– Making sure you catch lunch with them, or other tasks to research if they are a good fit.

Your Tasks (Found in ‘My Profile’ under the Blue welcome box) – things like updating answer library, or pulling reports on grant activity for board meetings, etc.

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