Does GrantHub follow federal grant management requirements?

Federal guidelines require that you have systems and processes in place to track grant funds, expenses, reimbursements and deliverables after you have been awarded a grant. Depending on what other systems you already have in place - GrantHub can significantly improve your grant management process. GrantHub supports the 'pre-award' cycle of grantseeking, and helping to track important due dates and deliverables throughout the grant period. At this time there is only a basic level of support for the 'post-award' management of grants. If you have accounting and project management systems already in place to handle the tracking of your expenses, personal time tracking, etc., then GrantHub can be a great tool to help your grant office track their proposal submission deadlines and documents. GrantHub can also help track and remind you of upcoming grant reports and other tasks. GrantHub does not currently have the individual grant budgeting and expenses tracking that is needed to manage the post-award tracking, execution and closing out of your grants.

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