What does GrantStation access include?

GrantStation is a searchable database of potential funders that is included with your GrantHub subscription. Here are some of the highlights about the GrantStation funder search capabilities: 

  • GrantStation access includes a searchable databases for thousands of private and government grantmakers throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally, all under one roof
    • Includes a wide range of funders that accept unsolicited requests, including foundations, corporate giving programs, faith-based grantmakers, association grant programs, giving circles, etc.
    • GrantStation has three private funder databases: U.S. Charitable, Canadian Charitable, and an International database. 
    • There are numerous global grantmakers included - not based in the U.S. that give to nonprofit organizations all over the world, including in the U.S. that will never show up in a database that gets most of its information from the IRS 990s. 
    • In addition, you can do all of your Federal (US government) or National (Canadian government) grants research as well as State (US) grant opportunities and Provinces (Canadian) grant opportunities. 
  • GrantStation has a team of researchers that are constantly adding new information to existing funder profiles, updating profiles on a regular schedule, and adding new funders. This is hands on research where the researcher is often communicating directly with the grantmaker to clarify information as well as uncover new information. 
    • Researchers update the grantmaker profiles throughout the year, providing you with the most current information available. 
    • Each grantmaker's specific geographic scope is noted, be it national, state, county or city level. 
    • Your search will only return those grantmakers who are actively engaged, accepting unsolicited grant requests in the coming year, and making awards to a variety of organizations - providing you with a "hot" list of potential funders who accept requests. 
    • You will get targeted search results by using our filters for geography, area of interest, type of support, and more. 
    • Learn to search more effectively by reviewing all the search terms available: https://grantstation.com/search/terms 
    • Save your search criteria so you can run the search. This may give you new results since the database is being updated regularly. 
  • A variety of successful grant proposals are available when you become a customer: An example of a winning proposal can help one see what it takes to secure grant funding. Valuable lessons can be learned from these submissions around style and structure. 

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