Can you see future financial projections in GrantHub?

Inside each grant Opportunity, GrantHub has fields available to help you track 'Amount Requested', 'Amount Expected', and 'Amount Awarded'. Using the 'Opportunity Deadlines by Month' report and setting it to show dollars, you can easily see how much you've been awarded on a monthly basis in the past. You can also look into the future and see how much you have in 'Amount Requested' in the future. There is a button to export the raw data to Excel if you want to do further analysis on the data.

You can also use the field 'Amount Expected' to forecast a more accurate projection for future funding. At this time we do not have a pre-built report to utilize your Amount Expected field. You would need to export your opportunity list to Excel in order to report on amounts in this field. 

If you would like to use forecasting algorithms based on your historic award amounts, you can easily export your Opportunity Lists to Excel and apply your projection algorithms to the 'Amount Awarded' field.

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