Self-Assessment and Training Plan Worksheet

Worksheet for the Planning Your Own Pathway to Grant Guru webinar

PLEASE DOWNLOAD PRIOR TO ATTENDING WEBINAR: 2019 Self-Assessment and Training Plan.xlsx

Julie Assel has combined change theory with the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) Competencies and Skills to create an innovative self-assessment tool you can use to evaluate your own knowledge, experience, and comfort in the nine competencies and sixty-four skills. The self-assessment tool helps you create your own professional development plan and become more confident in your areas of strength. You can also use the tool to help: 

  • Determine your personal areas of strength and growth
  • Craft your professional development plan to address areas where there are gaps in knowledge, experience, or comfort
  • Identify opportunities to utilize your strengths to help local organizations, communities, and the greater grant profession in general

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