What are Opportunity Categories?

The 'Categories' field is there to help you track specific programs and projects. For instance, if you have a program called 'After School Tutoring', you can type this into the 'Categories' field and then hit return. Once you have entered a new category - it comes up as an option as a drop down to select in the future. This will help you and your team select from existing categories and avoid spelling them differently. You can then use the 'Categories' field to filter and report on. This field is often used in conjunction with the 'Funding Type' field. But you can use the 'Category' field regardless of the type of funding you have selected.

You can use the Opportunity Category field to group and report on:

  1. Program or project names you are getting grant funding for
  2. Fiscal year you want the grant award to be grouped with for reporting
  3. Region or area you want to analyze your grants by
  4. Flag and report with grants have matching requirements
  5. Opportunities that are non cash awards, but you want to track for In kind donations
  6. Consultants can tag each grant opportunity by the client they are related to
  7. Many other classifications of you want to track and report on...

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